Marvelous Related Quotes

Life is marvelous now because I have a tape recorder.

Olga Korbut

The whole dear notion of one's own Self-marvelous old free-willed, free- enterprising, autonomous, independent, isolated island of a Self- is a myth.

Lewis Thomas

Being exposed to theory, stimulated by a basic love of concepts and mathematics, was a marvelous experience.

Rudolph A. Marcus

I've never gone anywhere where the men have come up to my infantile expectations. I always have gone through life constantly being surprised by the extreme, marvelous qualities of a small minority of men. But I can't see the rest of them. They seem awful rubbish.

Rebecca West

The way of the gospel is a simple way. Some of the requirements may appear to you as elementary and unnecessary. Do not spurn them. Humble yourselves and walk in obedience. I promise that the results that follow will be marvelous to behold and satisfying to experience.

Gordon B. Hinckley

All people are meant to be creative in a certain way. What way? Perhaps I was cut out to be a wonderful housewife, with a marvelous sense of cooking, being with my friends, running a perfect house. But I am not ambitious towards anything.

Diana Vreeland

Experience is that marvelous thing that enable you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

Franklin P. Jones

To assist us in climbing the mountains is marvelous. To level the mountains and altogether eliminate the climb is miraculous. And at times I think that God prefers the latter because it emboldens us to face the former.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

I've always thought there was something very marvelous and magical about mirrors, and that they are connected to memory as well.

Nicolas Roeg

Marvelous," she said. "Tell me about this tapestry." Arachne's lips curled over her mandibles. "Why do you care? You're about to die." "Well, yes," Annabeth said. "But the way you captured the light is amazing. Did you use real gold thread for the sunbeams?

Rick Riordan