Massive Related Quotes

“This is what happens when you privatize Medicare. The Medicare prescription drug benefit is a massive giveaway to pharmaceutical companies, creating disastrous health effects for the nation's poor and elderly citizens.”

Pedro Rodriguez

“$200 billion Treasury purchases from the Fed would have been widely viewed as a massive distortion, but foreign central banks doing exactly the same thing is quietly sanctioned and encouraged by U.S. policymakers,”

Alan Ruskin

“Both Air India and Indian Airlines need a massive infusion of aircraft and equity to see they are able to compete in the world.”

Praful Patel

“It's a massive positive to take into the new year. It was a workmanlike performance, and we've not had too many of those this season.”

David James

“The digital revolution will bring massive benefits, for viewers and the industry, and confirm Britain's position as the world leader,”

Chris Smith

“It is a massive blow to lose Andrew, but we always knew that there was the possibility it would happen this month.”

Colin Todd

“When they saw him, at least four men took off on foot, and that ensued a massive search on foot, involving about 60 of our units and several units from other agencies.”

Dana Keeton

“Berlusconi is in the midst of a massive effort to attract attention to his candidacy. He is on television every night and there is no better way to focus media attention on him than a visit to the United States.”

Charles Kupchan

“If these [earliest stars] were very massive and formed in the standard cosmological mode, they should have left a signature in the fluctuations of the CIB. That's the signal we sought to measure with these observations.”

Alexander Kashlinsky

“It has been a massive turnaround. Five months ago I didn't know where I stood or where my rugby was going.”

Daniel Halangahu