Match Related Quotes

“We had to match their physicality. They [officials] let everything go.”

Adam Allen

“Match.Com is the premier brand in the personals industry, and the Match.Com management team has built a business with rapid growth and an attractive business model, ... We think finding people to do things with is fundamentally local, and is a natural extension to our online offerings.”

Charles Conn

“I believe it was the best match we wrestled all season, whether they won or lost they were aggressive.”

Jared Esala

“We'll have to wrestle a smart match. He (Samuels) knows that.”

Rob Willman

“I think it's going to be a tight match. If we wrestle to our potential, I think we can win eight or nine matches and obviously we'd win. Even if we split seven-seven, if we do our job, we can win.”

Chopper Mello

“The description of the bodies really didn't match what the police found at the scene. I think this is a guy who is desperately trying to cover up what he had done, but really couldn't even get his story straight.”

Wendy Murphy

?It was a battle, but I was never worried. I had the best position throughout the match.?

Ben Askren

“It was good to get in a match. With the wet weather, both teams have had trouble practicing outside.”

Chris Hanafan

“If I go to a match it doesn't mean I want to buy the stadium or the club.”

Lakshmi Mittal

“We weren't scared of them. We felt we could match up with them. The only thing was that I think we got away from attacking like we had. They had 20 turnovers, but we didn't take advantage of as many of them as we should have.”

Chris Alexander