Mature Related Quotes

“She's a very mature kid. She was playing eighth-grade ball in the fourth grade. She's always played up. She's a good player and a great kid. She's our best shooter, and they did a good job of taking her out of it. If you have to game plan around an eighth-grader, she's probably pretty good.”

Dave Farrell

“When I first saw her, she was 11 years old and competing with 14-year-olds. Angela was more mature than other kids her age. But for players like her, age is just a number. When I see young people doing well, I think it's a motivation for everybody to practice harder.”

Stella Lee

“The U.S. biotech industry started earlier, and it's just relatively more mature, ... There are now some very grown-up U.S. companies with multibillion dollar market caps. Europe has started later.”

Andrew Baum

“This is definitely the most talented, smartest and mature team I've been on since I've been here.”

Al Wilson

“He has a very mature game. He has great hands and developed a big serve, and he knows how to win.”

Mark Medow

“The phone companies are in the awkward position of initiating a service in an already mature market with a disadvantaged cost structure, ... And on top of that, they have to offer the service at a discounted price just to compete. It's a hard strategy to sustain long-term.”

Craig Moffett

“It's being more mature and not kind of playing street ball or throwing it around or being careless with it. That's a good sign.”

Ann Strother

“[Actress Claudette Colbert appeared in her last film role in] Parrish, ... I'm a mature woman but I can't suddenly put on gray hair and play character roles and most mother parts are too 'Pollyannaish' for me. I took this one because I felt it had a point of view. The mother wants to break the silver cord and lead a normal sex life of her own.”

Claudette Colbert

“Alton is a mature, explosive player. He can play three different positions and will bring toughness, rebounding and basketball savvy to the team. He can be an offensive force for us.”

Dale Layer

Our utilitarian structures will mature into architecture only when, through their fulfillment of function, they become carriers of the will of the age.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe