Maturity Related Quotes

Maturity: Be able to stick with a job until it is finished. Be able to bear an injustice without having to get even. Be able to carry money without spending it. Do your duty without being supervised.

Ann Landers

“I am encouraged and ... it suggests that the Iraqi people have developed a political maturity in political compromise. That is not an easy thing to do,”

Donald Rumsfeld

“Having a good camp is one thing, a lot of people have good camps. But his maturity level, his presence, his professionalism and respect for the game ... those are things that really stand out.”

Allard Baird

“One lesson we learn early, that in spite of seeming difference, men are all of one pattern. We readily assume this with our mates, and are disappointed and angry if we find that we are premature, and that their watches are slower than ours. In fact, the only sin which we never forgive in each other is difference of opinion.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I know people see it as a meltdown, ... I think it's a sign of maturity of a movement that can have a furious fight over principle.”

Charles Krauthammer

“He is a driver with talent, ability and maturity, he manages to finish all his races. My record is going to be in good hands,”

Emerson Fittipaldi

“This is history in the making for us. It took a lot of focus and maturity from our players to win. I'm still kind of shaking because of this.”

Russ Borman

“Maturity is accepting truth even if you want to change it, you've to accept it first.”

Superna Batheja

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”

Albert Einstein

“If he was an impressionable kid who didn't have a lot of maturity, it would be one thing,”

Ernie Accorsi