Maybe Related Quotes

“I just showed her how to do (jump serves) two weeks ago, maybe not even that.”

Christy Girard

“Maybe we're not in people's radar. Maybe we're not able to reach them.”

Lillian Casillas

“I would probably end up going back to school and getting my degree. Maybe I would get a job coaching high school. Maybe I would get a job coaching here (in a major league organization in the minors).”

Corky Miller

“They're a real solid team now, Maybe I'm not lifting enough weights.”

Andruw Jones

“We definitely can't underestimate them. We already have this year and we didn't get three points off of it. Maybe if we would have beat them last time we would have been sitting in the playoff spot right now.”

Mike Magee

“If every state follows a similar tack, maybe we're onto something and Microsoft's Open XML strategy may not be a great idea. But we're not seeing that. Microsoft has not backed down and is committed to using Open XML for its forthcoming Office versions.”

Carmi Levy

“We don't have an ace yet; maybe two aces.”

Raju Patel

“We'll wait until tomorrow. Maybe he'll end up being just like Tony Richardson.”

Dick Vermeil

“It used to be an industry where actresses were considered props - maybe a vase on the sideboard. Now at last, the vase has reached the center table.”

Sushmita Sen

“It lasted maybe 10 seconds,”

Nicholas Sparks