Maybe Related Quotes

“It's like Magellan. You send them off, and maybe they come back, maybe they don't.”

Wendell Mendell

“Maybe you need to look at your student evaluations.”

Michael Schaffer

“It helps revitalize that area, and maybe from there, it can expand outward and turn that area around.”

Sharon Powers

“In ninth grade, I figured he maybe could finally beat me,”

Raymond Felton

“Teach one three-hour class, like maybe tonight.”

Charna Halpern

“We don't run a motion maybe in the pure sense. We run some sets, we run some continuity. We've been able to do it different ways.”

Kelvin Sampson

“You couldn't have imagined this occurring four or five years ago, certainly, maybe not even two or three years ago. And here we are now, two nations standing side by side with essentially the same purposes, the same goals,”

Pete Peterson

“We have some visits lined up, and maybe we'll sign two or three more.”

Lavonda Wagner

?I may hit the ball 410 feet and the next one isn't going to go 410 feet, ... Maybe I'll grab my rib cage. That's life. I'm OK with it.?

Barry Bonds

“I don't know if it's self-promotion or what. Maybe it would've turned out different if I'd been more aggressive about it. But it's never been something that's been high on my list of priorities.”

Dave Robbins