Means Related Quotes

“If you have a One Turn Kill card, it means that in one turn, you can win a duel.”

Ernie Hernandez

“That was for the supporters and I'm absolutely delighted because I know exactly what this win means to them.”

Peter Reid

“Investors need to do the same degree of comparison shopping they would normally do when choosing between funds, which means digging into things like expense ratios, historical performance and holdings.”

Michael Porter

“It doesn't mean there's going to be a strike, it just means that they've maintained some of their clout at the bargaining table. This is a usual part of the negotiations.”

Mike Boyd

“It seems the rejuvenation of the (Mercedes-Benz) product lineup has been quite successful, which means financials at Mercedes-Benz this year should be subject to drastic improvement. I guess these guys will be good for at least one or two earnings surprises.”

Michael Raab

“Negotiating means getting the best of your opponent.”

Marvin Gaye

“Communications are still in disarray and in many cases, these officers may not have had the means or the time to contact their family members and let them know they are safe. The Louisiana State Lodge has volunteered to locate and get messages to officers working in their State.”

Chuck Canterbury

“If the end does not justify the means - what can?”

Edward Abbey

“He had me choked up a little bit, it means so much to him, to be in the league this long, - to give him a shot like this, it definitely means something.”

Alan Faneca

“I look forward to Wednesdays. It means a lot to these people and we get a blessing out of it, too.”

Dave Horton