Means Related Quotes

“I never forgot that skyline and what it means to an immigrant, an American. It's not just a symbol. It's not just something up in the air. It's about the values that we all share,”

Daniel Libeskind

“That's actually good news. It means we're carrying less inventory and the production process is adjusting.”

Charles Lieberman

War means fighting, and fighting means killing.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

“Given the industry's reliance on trucks as the primary means of transporting farm animals, the USDA's failure to apply the Twenty-Eight Hour Law to trucks renders the act virtually useless, ... Transporting farm animals for 28 or more hours without rest, food, or water is clearly inhumane, and the USDA's failure to place any time limit whatsoever on truck transport is indefensible. If the USDA doesn't understand the definition of 'truck,' we would be happy to send over a dictionary.”

Wayne Pacelle

“By no means am I going to count us out of this championship. This championship hunt isn't over until the last race in Homestead.”

Clint Bowyer

“What you can see, time and time again, is that the predators will adapt their means to whatever the young people are doing — whether it's malls, whether it's ski slopes, whether it's beaches. Predators … are going to do everything in their power to try to convince young girls, young boys, to come with them and enter this particular lifestyle.”

Chip Burrus

“If they compare you with a good player, that means that you have something in your game.”

Sergio Garcia

“It means a lot because he's like Christ...he's risen again. He rose know and what did Jesus Christ do on Easter. Same scenario.”

Ken Jolly

“There are some questions about who goes and who doesn't, but that just means we have more depth than we ever have, ... I think this can be a very good team.”

Mike Modano

“When everyone else is slowing and you're not, it means share gains.”

Shaw Wu