Measure Related Quotes

Greatness is not a measure of how great you are but how great others came to be because of you

Cus D'amato

... But he believed that every great love was in some measure a terrible mistake.

Michael Chabon

I'd rather climb 14a and eat whatever I want than climb 14d and measure out my food.

Sonnie Trotter

“The way we measure their interest is they go back and revisit the male after they've just had some sexual interaction with them.”

Fay Guarraci

“This measure is temporary. We have kept enough staff in field offices to continue delivering services to the refugees.”

Claire Bourgeois

“All operating and financial ratios by which we measure profitability and momentum improved versus the year-ago quarter,”

Reuben Mark

“It was a very constructive exercise. The final product is a better measure.”

David Crane

To love others as God loves you, that is the measure of success

Mother Teresa

“It is not good enough that a measure of this magnitude is signed into law while the government department responsible adopts a policy of silence and allows panic and confusion to run rampant.”

James Fitzgerald

“Just being out there and playing with the pros is an honor. It's a great way to measure your game and see how you stack up with the pros.”

Mark House