Meet Related Quotes

“We had some other good performances. They just weren't in the top 10. It was a great meet. We went against some of the best competition in the state.”

Jake Winslow

I'm useless when I meet writers I love - I go slack-jawed and stupid with awe.

Katherine Boo

Meet every level of frustration with a greater level of character.

Wes Fesler

“It's impossible to meet all those criteria. They don't go together.”

Alana Brenner

“We have a young team, and our guys faced some adversity early in the meet but turned things around and did what they had to do. Our depth took over, and we won some close races. I was really pleased with the performance coming out of winter break.”

Dan Flannery

“It's really nice to (work on the house) and meet the people who will be using it.”

Chris Ford

“It's more a meet and great type of situation. There's not really enough time to interview. We hope to attract a number of different industries to give students a number of different selections.”

Celeste Anthony

Where's Marcus, Destroyer of Lives, going to meet us?

Veronica Roth

When you meet a stranger, look at his shoes. Keep your money in your shoes.

Michael Stipe

You meet people, you part ways, sometimes you cross paths again. Mostly, you don't.

Gayle Forman