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“I know that Shannon (Miller) has mentioned that it's a good draw. It makes sense. We're the ones who ended their season last year. These are two really good teams.”

Paul Flanagan

“create a chilling effect on the use of eminent domain for a variety of public purposes not specifically mentioned in this legislation including schools, public safety facilities, and affordable housing.”

Eddie Perez

“Jerome sort of acted as the mediator. One thing he mentioned during the holdout - and he's been through them - was not to make it personal because eventually it was going to get done and you have to come back and play for the team. You hold your ground but understand that it's a business.”

Hines Ward

“When the position was open [after the 2003 season], I mentioned to my wife that he was probably going to be the manager,”

Robin Ventura

“It's almost worthless. I don't think the word soda pop is mentioned anywhere in these materials, even though it's the No. 1 source of calories for Americans.”

Michael Jacobson

“Others who have been mentioned should do the same.”

Mwalimu Mati

“You asked me before about being an innovator and I mentioned that I've always been some kind of leader.”

Herbie Hancock

“I'm not surprised. When you win, obviously, everybody is going to reap the benefits of it. Coaches get mentioned, they get other jobs. Athletic directors get mentioned and they get other jobs, and that's how it is.”

Chris Lowery

“This proposal emphasizes accountability. That is something that is long overdue. The fragmented structure that my colleagues have mentioned has prevented us from having accountability,”

Evan Bayh

“There is no way the British Library would be able to afford some of the sums that have been mentioned so donation would be a preferred route.”

Christopher Wright