Microsoft Related Quotes

“Intel and Microsoft are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to make that happen. They're smart companies. They make intelligent bets.”

David Stern

“Microsoft has to do something to start growing again and I think the only way to do that is to buy companies. It's still a great company but it's stuck in the sand.”

Knox Fuqua

“Historically, every ISV and every Microsoft product team that has wanted to put workflow within their application has had to build their own workflow,”

Scott Woodgate

“When you have an email server like Microsoft Exchange, which is the most common for small businesses, you end up buying more hardware than you need in order to process the spam you've let in.”

Andrew Lochart

“We have not yet received full details from Microsoft.”

Neelie Kroes

“You'll have the right to be angry about Vault 7 only after you boycott dragnet surveillance data providers like Google, Microsoft, Skype, Facebook and LinkedIn. The true threat is coming from the private sector surveillance profiteers.”

James Scott

“There is some functionality difference between a Microsoft thick client and a Linux desktop and many employers believe there are productivity gains to be had,”

Jack Messman

“The FTC's concerns about Internet privacy and the Microsoft case have made Washington more visible. The Microsoft case was a real awakening for people that the government does have an impact on your company.”

Connie Correll

“Microsoft would no longer have guaranteed placement on users' desktops. That would mean its ability to leverage the desktop in terms of selling other services would be severely reduced, or it would have to negotiate directly to get that leverage.”

Chris Le Tocq

“We strongly disagree with the judge's findings. Microsoft products have greatly benefited consumers.”

Gary Locke