Military Related Quotes

“Our campaign is not questioning your patriotism or military service, but your votes and statements on the issues now facing our country.”

Marc Racicot

“The limits of our military power must be obvious to all, and domestically we are divided as we have not been since Vietnam. So what should we do now? Can we think honestly about those with grievances against the U.S.? Can we think how to conclude the war in Iraq, how to offset the forces of extremism?”

James Fallows

“Life, at least with us, doesn't need to fall like a military drill. The way we do things, we don't need windows and doors and ceilings. Things just happen when they happen.”

Carlos Santana

“Democratic imperialism has led to more deaths not fewer. This political and military failure continues to cause scores of casualties among non-combatants. It is a failure that deserves to be a serious subject for research.”

Richard Horton

“The toll is nine people killed - one civilian driver and eight military personnel - and 36 wounded,”

Zahir Azimi

“When you think of the military that's generally what you think of, green style uniforms and green style armory.”

Rick Glancey

“We gave him our best military advice and I think that's what we're obligated to do. If we don't do that, we should be shot.”

Richard Myers

“We are opposed to any further military testing on our lands.”

Raymond Yowell

“We want to acknowledge what the Cox family is doing. They are supporting the military and we support their efforts.”

William Parsons

“We're volunteering our time and we'll be sleeping on cots at the Army National Guard station. We'll be eating military meals with the National Guard once we get down there. It's just tragic and we're just thankful it's not in our back yard.”

Roger Taylor