Million Related Quotes

“If nothing drastic changes, we'll be looking at a $1 million deficit next year. The sooner we cut it, the less deep we're going to have to go later. We're not saving anything by not making cuts, we're just delaying them and multiplying the costs.”

Mike Lentz

“We pumped 27 million gallons each day for a month last year,”

Charles Miller

“We're looking at $ 300 million. That's our target.”

Ramon Ang

“The only person of all the contestants I have shown a million to - and it's only relevant afterwards - who didn't even flinch was the Major because he knew he was going to play,”

Chris Tarrant

“We have a million people displaced and we have 100 million Americans that are opening up their hearts and homes, ... We have some people who are trying to take advantage of it for their own personal profit. And we should stop them in their tracks.”

Carl Levin

“It could add a few million bucks to the bottom line.”

Edward Atorino

?I think we're going to exceed that 6 million by a significant amount.?

Ben Soppitt

“Each year, it just grows and grows. This year, we've received more than 53 million entries, nearly 54 million.”

Michael Dingley

“If you gave me 10 million dollars, I wouldn't live any differently. Although nowadays I guess you'd have to raise that to 20 million to mean anything.”

Jared Diamond

“We can't keep spending $100 million on embassies,”

Ernest Hollings