Million Related Quotes

“When you look at all the reorganization, he saved the city $1.4 million.”

Dick Skrinjar

“Ecton aims at gaining one million customers within 10 years.”

David Pham

“We are well underway to reach $350 million by end 2006.”

Michel Demare

“We delivered another strong performance in the first three months of 2006 as our average daily volume exceeded two million contracts for the second consecutive quarter. The double digit growth in our core options business fueled a 40% increase in net income once again reflecting the operating leverage that is inherent in our business. We also continued to post strong cash flow which we now share with our stockholders by virtue of the implementation of the dividend policy that we announced last year.”

David Krell

“You could have paid $1.5 million a few years ago.”

Richard Jerram

“Since 1998 Sen. Harkin has secured a total of $116 million for the initiative, the first of its kind in the nation, to repair, modernize and build new schools.”

Maureen Knightly

“Now we're at a few more than four million electors. Some candidates, it's true, think this figure is inflated.”

Sylvain Nouwatin

“If we had the average ticket price this season instead of $35, it would have meant an additional $8 million based on paid attendance.”

Steve Violetta

“I don't know about you, but for $45 million, I'd dress up in a pink teddy, feather boa and high heels if that's what Stern wanted.”

Mike Bianchi

“Those are $100,000 bricks of $100 bills and that?s $2 million there. This, in fact, is a payment that we made on the 1st of August to a company called Custer Battles.”

Frank Willis