Mimic Related Quotes

Girls often feel very powerless in their lives and their families, and they kind of mimic the male violence as a way to try and get some of that male power that they see lacking in their own lives.

Meda Chesney-lind

Context is so important, not to mimic but to become part of the place. I wanted a building that acknowledges its surroundings.

David Adjaye

“We are all Mimic Men...”

V. S. Naipaul

Before I do a movie, I watch Meryl Streep movies over and over. It's not to mimic her. It's to remind myself to be more committed.

Daphne Zuniga

I run, but boxing conditioning is different, so you have to get used to running in the ring. Boxing movements are very different. Swimming is one of the best because every single muscle is working. I swim a lot. I train very hard at things that mimic boxing. I have to do mostly sport-specific training, such as lots of sparring.

Wladimir Klitschko

And what do automobile companies do? They see something that's taking off and they want to mimic it, don't they?

Don Panoz

I am lucky to have been gifted with a good ear and the ability to mimic. If I can hear it... I can replicate it, whether it's a dialect or just matching the tone of someones voice.

Robin Atkin Downes

Life is all about dancing freely while the music is still playing, but remaining optimistic about the next song. If you're lucky, someone will expectantly join in and mimic your moves in perfect timing as if the two of you had been dancing together all of your live.

Carl Henegan

“The conventional view on Wall Street is that the Medicare formularies mimic commercial formularies, and that's incorrect. These formularies are more stringent than what you see in the private sector.”

Dan Mendelson

There's so much that you can do if you mimic your style to a drum machine. I think that's far more exciting.

Matt Tong