Mixing Related Quotes

Fusion is the future. The mixing of ideas. The two lunch tables working together. Humanity...we're 1 people.

Kanye West

That's one of the good things about a lot of the young British bands, they are mixing all styles of music. I think that's very good because that's very modern.

Mick Jagger

There are a hundred or perhaps a thousand other emotions, or gradations, created by the mixing, blending, and overlapping of the basic ones.

Anabel Jensen

“Political image is like mixing cement. When it's wet, you can move it around and shape it, but at some point it hardens and there's almost nothing you can do to reshape it.”

Walter F. Mondale

Which is the woman, which the child? The joyous laugh that opens doors, steals sugared moments from the shelf? Or the dreamer mixing metaphors with tears to make a book of self To read aloud in winter's rooms When summer's sounds have ceased to bloom?

Katie Louchheim

The lawlessness of frontier life in America has been pictured as a remarkable phenomenon. In reality, it was the natural consequence of indiscriminate mixing of volatile substances.

Paul Harris

I really like the bohemian look, and I'm a great fan of mixing vintage and modern.

Kierston Wareing

More than 90% of Chinese believe themselves to be Han. Of course, such a vast population is derived from countless different races, but because China has enjoyed such a long and continuous history as a polity, there has been thousands of years of mixing, melding and assimilation.

Martin Jacques

How that name comes up. Mixing memory and desire

J. D. Salinger

I thought people wouldn't take me seriously if too much acting was involved in the singing. But now I love the idea of mixing everything together.

Charlotte Gainsbourg