Mobile Related Quotes

“Advanced video capabilities and visually demanding applications are becoming a ubiquitous part of enterprise mobile computing. We are pleased to work with HP to deliver a feature-rich solution.”

Phil Eisler

“Last year, quarterly mobile phone shipments didn't reach 200 million units until the end of the fourth quarter when vendors were keeping the channels' shelves stocked for the holiday rush. As vendors announced new products earlier this year and accelerated their time to market, we've already reached this milestone.”

Ramon Llamas

“Eventually, we'd like to get it out in the field through mobile phones.”

Chris Campbell

“You don't carry your laptop with you everywhere. The one device everything should converge on is the mobile device.”

Shawn Conahan

“The mobile phone is the most popular digital device on the planet (1.7 billion users - about one quarter of the world's population - and counting),”

Ankit Fadia

“The mobile systems side is doing well, but Marconi and the fixed-line side are weighing heavily.”

Greger Johansson

“Consumers want to connect to their favorite Web services on their mobile devices, and AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile makes it easy. We have created a service unmatched in the mobile marketplace and are excited to give consumers a single way to simply connect to all of their information and content while on the go.”

Marco Boerries

“There are many advantages to being based here - it's a more mobile market, and there is access to lower development costs through outsourcing.”

Doug Richard

“Heavy profit-taking in China Mobile led to the market's fall. Other blue chips were also lower as some investors locked in profits after recent rises.”

Castor Pang

“We deliver mobile coverage in areas where coverage otherwise does not exist.”

Sam Baumel