Mobile Related Quotes

“Traditionally, Nokia is recognized as a leader and innovator in mobile technologies, ... Today's announcement with TELUS demonstrates our broader networking capabilities spanning both fixed and mobile arenas, as well as a strong commitment to the Canadian telecommunications market.”

Kevin Kelly

“It took 15 years for the first moneymaking viruses to emerge for the PC. On the mobile side, I'm sure it will happen. It just hasn't happened yet.”

Mikko Hypponen

?Mobile phones have inherent difficulties in the way content can be searched and discovered by users, and we believe that offering this content in retail stores will help educate and encourage consumers to try mobile games as well as other types of content.?

Bala Keilman

“The big picture is that there's a billion (mobile) phones worldwide and an increasing percentage of them are playing back video.”

Duncan Kennedy

“The card is large enough to store 15 hours of mobile video and fast enough to download 90 minutes of it in under two minutes.”

Don Barnetson

“He's a real mobile, very poised with the puck and defends well, ... For a 20-year-old, he's got a man's body and he skates so well and moves laterally. It's just a matter of getting used to the pace of the game. We hope over time that he develops a bit more of an offensive edge to his game, but right now we don't put a lot of pressure on him to do that. He's going to play, it's just a question of how good he'll be. Is he going to be an All-Star or not?”


“Consumers want to connect to their favorite Web services on their mobile devices, and AT&T; Yahoo! Go Mobile makes it easy. We have created a service unmatched in the mobile marketplace and are excited to give consumers a single way to simply connect to all of their information and content while on the go.”

Marco Boerries

“Before desegregation and when Jim Crow was going on, most of the places blacks would shop were in the Mobile neighborhood.”

Melvin Williams

“Spain is one of Europe's fastest-growing mobile markets.”

Chris Gent

“Eisenhower had about the most expressive face I ever painted, I guess. Just like an actor's. Very mobile. When he talked, he used all the facial muscles. And he had a great, wide mouth that I liked. When he smiled, it was just like the sun came out.”

Norman Rockwell