Modesty Related Quotes

Excusations, cessions, modesty itself well governed, are but arts of ostentation.

Francis Bacon

Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others' faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.


“I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.”

Yves Saint Laurent

Modesty in human beings is praised because it is not a matter of nature, but of will.


Great Modesty often hides great Merit.

Benjamin Franklin

The thunder of false modesty was deafening.

Sebastian Faulks

There are no better cosmetics than a severe temperance and purity, modesty and humility, a gracious temper and calmness of spirit; and there is no true beauty without the signatures of these graces in the very countenance.

Arthur Helps

Modesty is policy, no less than virtue.

William Gilmore Simms

He takes the greatest ornament from friendship, who takes modesty from it. [Lat., Maximum ornamentum amicitiae tollit, qui ex ea tollit verecudiam.]

Marcus Tullius Cicero

To acknowledge our faults when we are blamed, is modesty; to discover them to one's friends in ingenuousness, is confidence; but to preach them to all the world, if one does not take care, is pride.