Moment Related Quotes

The moment you say I know everything is the end of your growth

Sharon Lee

“For the moment there is absolutely no sign of a turnaround. The impact of the global slowdown on the French economy will continue to be felt in 2002.”

Emmanuel Ferry

I don't even have a moment where I felt like I wanted to give up

Park Bom

Everything that man esteems Endures a moment or a day.

William Butler Yeats

“The moment it became clear to me that the existing political structure was breaking up I reached the conclusion that the best thing for the country is to have elections as quickly as possible, ... If possible, we shall go to the people in February.”

Ariel Sharon

Man is free the moment he wants to be.


All there really is to do now, is to be in the present Moment.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

At the moment I really love listening to the Dave Matthews Band.

Nancy Mckeon

“I feel we are riding the momentum wave at the moment. We feel united as a team.”

Michael Starke

“All too often, in the heat of the moment, reporters find themselves in the awkward position of repeating 'unconfirmed reports' as if they were news, ... But news without fact-checking is nothing more than glorified rumors.”

David Emery