Months Related Quotes

“In the last few months, the Indian embassy has been issuing close to 1,150 visas a month, which is an increase of over 50 percent over the corresponding months last year.”

Anil Wadhwa

“Why are they waiting for two months? Are they brain dead?”

Dennis Scheib

“Most surgeons will see and do more here in four months than they will in the rest of their career. A lot of advances in medicine can come out of wars.”

Col. Elisha Powell

“In the old days, I used to tour nine months of the year. With travel being so difficult these days, I've become very selective about where we go and how often we play.”

Chuck Mangione

“Six months later (after Katrina), I expected things to be pretty normal. So many still didn't have electricity. It was surprising. Restaurants were still not functioning. It still looked like it just happened a few days ago.”

Charlotte Cipparone

“If you had told me two months ago Mark would have this record, I'd have said you were crazy. He was throwing as well as anybody in the National League. But it all boils down to command of the fastball. It's important to pitch ahead in the count.”

Lloyd Mcclendon

“After two months of integration, the merger is going extremely well. The merger creates many opportunities to strengthen our identical store sales through exciting new store formats, a stronger remodel program and an expanding pharmacy business.”

Gary Michael

“This report is simply a listing of all stores we expect to open over the next 12 to 14 months, and many are already under construction. Since the unions oppose us wherever we locate our stores, this new stolen document doesn't seem to provide them any advantage.”

Marty Heires

“Just back for about two months now. Just started all over. Just got new everything and it's gone now, all over again. It's so hard you know.”

Laura Recasner

“Do we look at Jason's three-plus years, or Cookie's two strong months? They both want to do it and that's good. They know they are going to match up with the top dog from the other teams more often than not, but they want to do it because they want the challenge. That's what you want to see in your pitchers.”

Clint Hurdle