Months Related Quotes

“I'm U.S. dollar bullish over the next three months, largely because the Fed will go to 4.75 percent and they'll leave the door open to 5 percent.”

Cameron Bagrie

“People expected to make a $100,000 after just a couple of months. They were starting to get greedy.”

Daniel Butterworth

“I know the last four months, I haven't had a single one. I'm surprised and grateful all at the same time.”

Debra Moreau

“That's the good thing. My folks were down for three months up until playoffs started, so I can be thankful they weren't there and I wasn't there, sleeping at night. It could've been a lot worse.”

Dan Boyle

“There have been a number of operations that have been undertaken over the course of the last several months to really go after the terrorists, and the Saddam loyalists, who want to return to the past of oppression and tyranny. So this operation is part of our ongoing efforts to move forward on the security front.”

Scott Mcclellan

“You have 20 years to write your first record and only six months to do the next one. So people often just completely fold under the pressure. I'm much more proud of our second record than our first, so I'm happy to hear that people are responding to it well. We sort of cheated in that there were almost three years in between both records.”

Damian Kulash

“The awe factor ended this summer, three months ago, once I first got into Philly,”

Louis Williams

“The election's still a year away and, whatever disarray there is right now in the Harris campaign won't matter months from now. We expect this will be a close race, because the Republican Party and its front groups will spend millions trying to smear Bill Nelson.”

Dan Mclaughlin

“For months, something had been bothering me, and I couldn't put my finger on it. It was like seeing something out of the corner of my eye that vanished whenever I tried to look directly at it, but it suddenly came into focus: I have felt, for a very long time, like people wanted a piece of me, and I'd willingly given it up.”

Wil Wheaton

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.”

Clifford Stoll