Months Related Quotes

“Contrary to the WSJ report, however, the reset was underway months earlier than July 2004... Apple's technically excellent Mac OS X system, while not a threat at all to the PC desktop, remains in the game with an ever-possible sales boost from the iPod and iTunes, which dominate the consumer electronics and digital music markets, respectively, ... Much of [Microsoft's] problems are related to corporate culture, and that won't be fixed by Microsoft's recent reorganization. Microsoft is far too big a company with far too many levels of executives, to move quickly and seize on new market trends. Windows Vista, as a result, is fighting the OS battles of the last decade, reacting rather than being proactive and innovative. Mac OS X users, for example, can point to many of Vista's features and correctly note that they appeared first on Apple's system, sometimes years ago. For Microsoft, a company that desperately wants to be seen as an innovator, this situation is untenable... All that said, Windows Vista is now on track. Current beta builds of the system show an OS that is far more similar to Windows XP, with fewer new features and a much less elegant interface, than originally planned. But it's a solid-looking release...”

Paul Thurrott

“I want to get in, but I've had six months of opportunities to close it out. I've got myself to blame. But it's not like I'm trying to keep my card. I've been in that position. This would be cream on the cake.”

Peter Lonard

“It's pretty obvious that the response that will be needed will be prolonged food aid relief over next few months.”

Carolyn Mcaskie

“We've been waiting for two months for this quarter.”

Eddie Jordan

“I think Andrew got a bit tired cause it was his first tournament for about six months, so it was a very good effort to get to the final considering that preparation.”

Andrew Roberts

“Just looking at the crowd it's certainly better than we ever dreamed six months ago. Mardi Gras was significant in ways we've never seen before. This has been a homecoming for locals and for our tourists as well.”

Sandra Shilstone

“We've left every option on the table to consider in the next few months, including disbanding. It's a matter of finding the right niche for this organization, rather than being at odds with the priorities of this community.”

Ray Trzynka

“He's in good shape. If I remember, he couldn't even talk about three months ago, so this looks like a miracle.”

Fabio Capello

“It was a wild year. And because there is a strong correlation between conditions during the first several months of this year and early in 1995, it would appear the chances for an extreme weather event this winter are quite high.”

George Taylor

“If your period of turbulence is less than two or three months, ... then we can probably avoid a downturn.”

Cary Leahey