Months Related Quotes

“It's just gotten a lot worse in the last six to eight months, and we're assuming it's because building materials have gone up (in price). Obviously, with the hurricanes there's a lot more demand.”

Kathy Day

“The real secret to having a successful trial is doing them real quick -- within the first six months.”

Eric Erickson

“The 3 a.m. walk to the bathroom when it's raining is really a drag, especially in the winter months, ... Plus, your friends think you're weird, but that's what makes it unique.”

Mark Brown

“It's a disaster. They told us three months ago that Y2K isn't going to have any effect on them at all. They miss this quarter, now they're saying the next quarter is going to be even worse and that the first quarter will have even more losses.”

Dan Niles

“It's come through a little bit more than we were expecting even two months ago. I don't think it can be sustainable at that level going forward. People are stretching themselves.”

Fionnuala Earley

“I didn't use my muscles for 10 months. It's like somebody who has been in the hospital for an extended period.”

Roy Hallums

“Do you want to wait six more months for an A plus? Not the gamers I saw in line on Tuesday.”

Richard Doherty

“Historically, the market has tried to move four months ahead of an economic recovery.”

Art Hogan

At Munich we sold the Czechs for a few months grace, but the disgrace will last as long as history.

F. L. Lucas

“It's not going to take years, and it's not going to take days. It'll take some months. And then we will go back to the president with our recommendations as to what we believe are the priorities and what needs to be done,”

Donald Rumsfeld