Morale Related Quotes

“Now we will have to restore morale in the team and look forward to the next match.”

Wallace Tan

“They tell me morale has come up and attitudes are changing, ... From what I see, things are calming down.”

Henry Price

“Morale went in the toilet, and I'm speaking mildly, when this happened.”

Mike Buesing

?We hadn't lost morale,?

Barry Alvarez

“I think it's a morale killer when you see it disclosed at some of these companies.”

Patrick Mcgurn

“We're excited about getting our first conference win. It boosts your morale, and it makes you want to win some more.”

Dianne Barnes

“It's going to be difficult...(but) my morale is intact,”

Luis Aragones

“There are a million reasons to want to get off to a good start. Team morale is a big deal. But there's the mathematical reason you need to have a good start. ... Kurt did it last year and it got him going.”

Carl Edwards

“It'll be good to open. There's no customers, no visitors, but it would be good for the morale of the neighborhood.”

George Brumat

“I did notice there were some definite morale issues which definitely affected me and affected me wanting to stay there.”

Michael Howard