Mother Related Quotes

“With all these storms, we've really been beaten up lately. The beaches all need to be rejuvenated, and Mother Nature cannot do it on its own. We need sand.”

Darrel Jones

“There are two people -- my mother and Pope John Paul II -- that will always stay vividly in my mind,”

William Keeler

“I wrote it to show that not all mother-in-laws are bad.”

Carlos Fuentes

“I was horrified but Sharon just laughed. She was great, a real mother figure and a real support throughout the competition,”

Cassie Compton

“Necessity, who is the mother of invention.”


My father invented a cure for which there was no disease and unfortunately my mother caught it and died of it.

Victor Borge

“My mother is from Wiggins, ... and I have family in the Biloxi-Wiggins area.”

Gary Morris

I've been going through photos of my mother, looking back on her life and trying to put it into context. Very few people age gracefully enough to be photographed through their aging.

Jamie Lee Curtis

“There was never a great man who had not a great mother.”

Olive Schreiner

My mother was a personal friend of God's. They had ongoing conversations.

Della Reese