Move Related Quotes

“This is clearly Oracle reacting to competitive moves from Quest and BMC, and I'd say it's probably a smart move on their part because there's escalating interest among end users in reducing the complexity of management.”

Richard Ptak

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

“Metaphorically these essays move as a quiet but observant coast-guard cutter among the rocks and islands up and down the littoral of our life.”

David Mccord

“Things are set up here to move really fast.”

Stuart Bailey

“I understand that, dog, I'm cool with it, ... Just move the ball whenever you need to.”

Michael Clayton

“Going to Texas, it gives us an opportunity to move in there and see what happens, test waters. The construction ends up being a vehicle for development and outreach.”

Craig Herrick

“We had shot very long scenes, and no scene was like the other. The actors were allowed to move within the scene as they pleased, and they never needed to follow any determined action.”

Lars Von Trier

“The new contract would keep us competitive for a couple of years, but other hospitals will move ahead of us. Our challenges are to maintain stability and competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Wayne Fairchild

“We may have another couple of days, or a week left of this counter trend move, but it's within the framework of an intermediate trend downward.”

Katie Townshend

I believe that you should move and eat right.

Randy Jackson