Moved Related Quotes

“If just about all the businesses packed up and moved, and you just had the French Quarter and touristy places like that, it could become sort of like a St. Augustine - a small town for tourists. It wouldn't be a city anymore. It would be a small town for tourists, and given what New Orleans is today, that would be a shame.”

Christopher Morris

“It is very evident that the steam is coming out of the housing market even though rates moved down.”

Celia Chen

“Whenever you have a number four ranking, and we may be moved up to third this week, you can get a big target on your back. I've told our guys that if you stand still, you'll be an easy target, but if you keep moving, it makes it hard for people to zero in on you. So that's what we've got to do, keep moving forward.”

Paul Croft

“I saved my program and ticket for about two years. Then we moved here, and I was a teenager, so I chucked it all.”

Dick O'brien

“Aside from that, within the next 30 days everything is rented out here. We've moved a lot quicker than what we thought.”

Gordon Hester

“It's the primary spring trip for the program [since the accident] they have moved on to Sicily.”

Dennis Brown

“He just looks good. He looked accurate, threw the ball well, moved well. I think he was the biggest surprise there coming off this year, which was not the best.”

Gil Brandt

“Could we have physically moved combat forces into an American city, without the governor's consent, for purposes of using those forces - untrained at that point in law enforcement - for law enforcement duties? Yes.”

Paul Mchale

“I don't remember a night like he had in my 30 years of coaching. They moved the ball around from side-to-side, and either they shot or they went inside.”

Wayne Morgan

“Seventy-six percent that received services moved out of homelessness into permanent housing, into productive lives,”

Andrew Cuomo