Moved Related Quotes

“I moved the wrong way and I had something overhead and I felt something go in my back.”

Richard Peterson

“We settled for some threes when maybe we should have moved the ball inside.”

Mark Movrich

“Our offense got going after he moved to third. We moved him from ninth to eighth to sixth to third, which is a rough responsibility for a player in his first year in the big leagues, and he hasn't blinked.”

Mark Shapiro

“Last year as a sophomore Katie was our go-to player in the post. Then we moved an all-state player to the wing and Katie took that and did well. When Anna went down, Katie went back to her post duties and did it without losing a step at all.”

Mike Croell

“[Victor Diaz and his wife Helen moved last month to a 5,800-square-foot house in Stony Point with their twin girls, 8, and 5- and 3-year-old sons.] I never thought I would want or need a house this large, ... But we wanted more space for the kids, and this proved to be doable for us. Now that we have it, it is everything we imagined and more.”

Victor Diaz

“Unlike with Kennedy, there was no honeymoon period for conservatives, ... Souter relatively quickly moved to the left. And there were explicit assurances from [then White House Chief of Staff John] Sununu that Souter was a conservative.”

Mark Tushnet

“The key to everything was moving their nose (Miller). He got moved that time, and I had the cutback. Big hole. I got to the sideline, and it's rare for anyone to catch me from behind. Not saying it won't happen, but it's rare.”

Darius Beaty

“He's hit wherever he's gone and he's played well whenever he's moved up to each level. I expect him to be successful at this level as well.”

Khalil Greene

“Having barely moved off their original positions, union negotiators were demanding more than $1 billion more than what was in our best and final offer,”

Alan Mulally

If I did not love America, I wouldn't have moved here from Kenya.

Barack Obama