Movement Related Quotes

“I wouldn't consider it our best offensive movement of the ball, but we did a nice job. Tiffany was feeling it. She was nice and smooth and once it left her hands, you knew it was going in.”

Mark Peperkorn

“Our ball movement was crisp. We were moving it around the perimeter and then moving it inside. These guys are very unselfish. It's not a matter of who gets the points as long as the team gets a W.”

Grant Spaite

“In terms of the larger union movement, especially folks beyond the New York metro area, there is sort of this patina or the hero effect of now being a labor martyr, a contemporary sort of Mike Quill.”

David Gregory

“Ms. did well at the height of the feminist movement and then it faded. Ms. was aimed at a need, that women needed to prove themselves. Cosmo is not something women need. It's something women desire.”

Samir Husni

“[The group identifying itself as] the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty ... in very inhumane conditions.”

Daniel Pearl

“I know that they are in heaven, ... and I know that that's why this movement is growing because we have tens of thousands of angels behind us that are supporting us, that are saying, 'Well, you know we died and that was really crappy, but we hope that our deaths are going to make the world a better place,' and it's up to us to make sure that it does.”

Cindy Sheehan

“His ball had so much movement. You just knew someday it might happen for him.”

Scott Maddox

“doing this mostly through the Islamic movement.”

Ariel Sharon

“The fact that it is fast moving would limit things like damage from rain fall. But the fast movement contributes higher wind speeds and means it will be fairly strong when it crosses the state.”

Kyle Beatty

“I think Amir Khan is great. He showed great dexterity and lateral movement - Amir Khan has got it all.”

Don King