Movie Related Quotes

The first movie, I was 23; I thought I knew everything, but my ego soon took an irrevocable blow.

James Gray

“I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist.”

Milla Jovovich

“This is actually a very sprawling, epic movie.”

Robert Luketic

With each movie I have a different set of inspirations.

Wes Anderson

“I'd love to do more theater in New York City. And I'd love the chance to do a big movie with a great director -- you know, the Coen brothers or Woody Allen or Steven Spielberg, ... I'd love a shot at that.”

Zach Braff

It's always hard to explain why an audience ultimately responds to a movie.

Barry Levinson

“Since the Oscars are indisputably the biggest award show and involves the most marketable movie stars, it's the one most companies want to be involved with.”

Lash Fary

“The James Bond movies are based off of the first few years of Chuck Norri's childhood.”


Nothing would make my kids happier than to do another movie.

Matthew Lillard

If we were a primitive society, movie stars would be gods.

Sydney Pollack