Movies Related Quotes

We live in an age when it is cheaper to buy the rights to movies than to make them.

Hayao Miyazaki

“[In the story, called] Judging Amy, ... In the deli, at the movies, at the mall, I don't mind people recognizing me. But it is at the workplace where I hit a brick wall. ... They would think I was rich, and applying for the job as a publicity stunt. They didn't understand that I was destitute.”

Amy Fisher

I learned what I really love is making films, not the film business. I want to be on the set, meeting with writers, I want that freedom. I love it now.

Harvey Weinstein

“It took only 50 years for movies to go from silent to unspeakable.”

Doug Larson

Advertising. The movies do it. TV does it. Why don't you do it?

Dale Carnegie

“Tony's book confronts head-on the idea that the reason [the men] joined up is because of these movies. It gave me the opportunity to shoot this moment where you're shooting a bunch of guys about to go to war who are watching a movie about a bunch of guys at war, knowing that our film will be seen by a bunch of guys who are possibly going to go to war. It's all a weird discussion of how movies affect us.”

Sam Mendes

The movies were custard compared to politics.

Nancy Reagan

I like movies where you can come back and re-watch them and admire the cinematography 25 years later.

Rob Zombie

Everything makes me nervous - except making films.

Elizabeth Taylor

“If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.”

Alfred Hitchcock