Moving Related Quotes

The speed of communication, the speed of information transfer, the cheapness of communication, the ease of moving things around the world are a difference in kind as well as degree.

Paul A. Volcker

“Reasons for giving up the animals are various including moving home, not wanting the pets to distract the kids' study or simply because the dogs were too old or owners had no more patience for raising pets.”

Zhou Min

In my better sense of mind, I know that I'm far from alone and far from the worst, and the earth keeps spinning. Everything keeps moving, with or without me.

Phil Anselmo

“He was the grease that gets the wheel moving but doesn't have to be out front getting noticed. That's the type of guy Dick was. I truly feel that Brian is that way also.”

Micki Pirozzoli

So I won an Oscar. It's amazing. I've got that for the rest of my life for a performance I am proud of. It nearly killed me. I am really proud of the film. That's it, moving on.

Kate Winslet

“Slow down, everyone. You're moving too fast.”

Jack Johnson

“We worked hard to find alternative means to keep these titles viable, including moving them to other companies. However, our efforts ultimately met with no success. We felt that it was time to fold our hand and let our customers know the final outcome.”

Lisa Stevens

“We have population sprawl instead of population growth. People are moving from the city to the rural areas in the Hudson Valley. We need to give young people opportunities with the land. Show them that farming is viable and they'll take it up. They're plenty out there who want to farm but we must show them it's a business that can support them and their family.”

David Haight

“An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal. A walk for a walk's sake.”

Paul Klee

“I don't think it does. We've always thought it was competitive before this and moving forward it will continue to be competitive.”

Chris Karam