Mozart Related Quotes

Play Mozart in memory of me.

Frederic Chopin

“We've tried to combine ongoing things, such as the annual Scholarship Concert, into the Mozart concerts.”

Robert Walzel

In a purely technical sense, each species of higher organism-beetle, moss, and so forth, is richer in information than a Caravaggio painting, Mozart symphony, or any other great work of art.

E. O. Wilson

You can't have Bach, Mozart and Beethoven as your favorite composers. They simply define what music is!

Michael Tilson Thomas

My proposition is that music is at the heart of what 'The Magic Flute' means: that it's Mozart's music, not the words, we should be attending to. Music expresses what can't be expressed otherwise.

Simon Mcburney

“There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper.”

Camille Paglia

To me, Mozart is our Shakespeare, the one who wrote the most dramatic, psychologically most baffling music. He combined ideas that no one else would have thought of putting together.

Lukas Foss

Mozart is the most inaccessible of the great masters.

Artur Schnabel

Listening to Mozart, we cannot think of any possible improvement.

George Szell

Mozart, striving for perfection, wrote the same symphony forty-one times. In his case, it worked. He wrote a perfect symphony.

Edward Abbey