Mystery Related Quotes

“Mystery is not profoundness”

Charles Caleb Colton

“People like you and I, though mortal of course like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live.... [We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.”

Albert Einstein

“I'm the mystery quarterback and I would have liked to have played more, but since I didn't, having only played six quarters, I feel pretty good about where I'm at.”

Rex Grossman

“Has the great art and mystery of politics no apparent utility? Does it appear to be unqualifiedly ratty, raffish, sordid, obscene and low down, and its salient virtuosi a gang of umitigated scoundrels? Then let us not forget its high capacity to soo”

Henry Louis Mencken

Life can be less mysterious than we make it out to be when we try to think about how it would be on other planets. And if we remove the mystery of life, then I think it is a little bit easier for us to think about how we live, and how perhaps we're not as special as we always think we are.

Chris Adami

“By the time I got to him, I felt like I was following an international man of mystery. He was on a boat somewhere in the Bahamas, and I had to get myself out there, which I did, Dramamine and all, to interview him.”

Eugene Jarecki

“This approach makes a complicated topic more accessible to a broader audience. Readers will enjoy reading an intriguing mystery that enables them to absorb complex ideas. They can readily apply these ideas to their decision-making every day.”

Hari Singh

I think kids want the same thing from a book that adults want - a fast-paced story, characters worth caring about, humor, surprises, and mystery. A good book always keeps you asking questions, and makes you keep turning pages so you can find out the answers.

Rick Riordan

“Reasons why Harper's murder remains a mystery include the gang element involved in this case does not cooperate with police as a matter of rule. Harper was not well liked, (and) some felt Harper had it coming due to his violent past.”

Erica Smith

“You hate someone whom you really wish to love, but whom you cannot love. Perhaps he himself prevents you. That is a disguised form of love.”

Sri Chinmoy