Nakedness Related Quotes

I enjoy nakedness. I am a bit of a naturist at heart.

Robbie Williams

I need beaches, and blackness, and moonlit nakedness.

Hunter S. Thompson

One of the most striking of abstract art's appearances is her nakedness, an art stripped bare.

Robert Motherwell

We continually want to unmask our heroes as if there were more to be learned from their nakedness than from their choice of clothing.

Ellen Goodman

“No one ever kills himself for the love of a woman, but because love - any love - reveals us in our nakedness, our misery, our vulnerability, our nothingness.”

Cesare Pavese

Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness.

Alfred Nobel

Ah! What avails the classic bent And what the cultured word, Against the undoctored incident That actually occurred? And what is Art whereto we press Through paint and prose and rhyme- When Nature in her nakedness Defeats us every time?

Rudyard Kipling

?Let honesty and industry be thy constant companions, and spend one penny less than thy clear gains; then shall thy pocket begin to thrive; creditors will not insult, nor want oppress, nor hungerness bite, nor nakedness freeze thee?

Benjamin Franklin

“He who makes no secret of himself, enrages: so much reason have you for fearing nakedness.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Your most vital necessity in this life is that you shall love your wife completely and implicitly and in an entire nakedness of body and spirit.... this that I tell you is my message as far as I've got any.

D. H. Lawrence