Nba Related Quotes

“I want to achieve greatness in high school, go to Georgetown or Villanova and get into the NBA soon.”

Michael Craig

“Everybody in the league wants to start. Everybody dreams of starting for an NBA team. I fulfilled that dream. Now, I just want to get to the playoffs and win the championship.”

Lee Nailon

“We were all kind of taking side bets about if he was going to go (to the NBA) or not. We kind of figured that he was. When you have people in your ear, telling you you're in the first round, why not (leave)?”

Charles Thomas

“The NBA has the best point guards in the world, so it is important that I come ready to play every night.”

Steve Nash

“It's just a matter of being an NBA superstar, ... You can love it or hate it. You get a lot of things that come with it: magazine covers, cover of a video game, mega-deals, fancy cars, expensive clothes, jewelry. You've got everything at your disposal.”

Amare Stoudemire

“Lonny is a proven NBA player who will be able to give us an inside presence and help fill the void left by our numerous injuries,”

Allan Bristow

“I love New Orleans. I hope it recovers. I think the NBA has shown its desire and spirit to support the fans and the citizens of the city.”

George Karl

“Over the past 11-plus seasons, the Sonics have the fifth-best winning record in the NBA including four division titles. Bob Weiss has been a significant contributor to that success. His loyalty and insights have been extremely valuable to this organization. We thank him for all of his efforts and look forward to an ongoing relationship with him.”

Wally Walker

“That's a play you just don't see high school kids making. That's something you see in college and NBA.”

Emanuel Davis

“I feel that it is my best interest to declare for the NBA draft. The draft process will provide a great learning experience and will help me become a better player.”

Aaron Gray