Near Related Quotes

“The plant closed and I started the HVAC program at Morristown. It was an 18-month course. Near the end of completion, I switched over and went into the electrician programs, too. I was able to choose my HVAC license certification and get my electrician's license through the state.”

Donnie Thomas

“We've got a need to acquire products in the near term with all our patent expirations.”

Paul Fitzhenry

“This matter is very near an appellate phase where Microsoft will challenge the procedures used, the findings of fact, the conclusions of law, and any remedy entered. We anticipate that we will prevail at the conclusion of the appellate process.”

William Neukom

“I wouldn't go near that sector now because we're in the process of unraveling.”

Cummins Catherwood

“All it takes is a flock of infected geese or ducks landing near a chicken farm, and because they are so close in these open pens, it can go like fire.”

Yossi Leshem

“But it was beautiful, isolated and near enough to anything you could want.”

Debbie Anthony

“Capacity constraints are clearly in the forefront and are what keeps the Fed going in the near term.”

Haseeb Ahmed

“Sales of gas-inefficient large SUVs are in a state of near-collapse this month. It seems likely that the shift in the sales mix away from large SUVs will persist and continue to damage Detroit's profit margins in the process.”

David Healy

“Typically, if rates increase, basically if we get the sense that we're more near the end of the rate increases than the beginning of the rate increases, that would certainly be a positive for our sector. Retail stocks are basically early cycle stocks. And if we get the sense that we are more near the end than at the beginning, the low valuations of these stocks will prove attractive to many investors.”

Dana Telsey

“I played really solid, no fives on the card. It's good to be near the lead, but I don't get too excited with first-round scores. You've got to be up there to have a chance, so it's nice to be in the mix.”

Dana Quigley