Nearly Related Quotes

“This is a good way to show the team we are not nearly in track shape. That will come with time, and also a break in the weather. We're ready to be outside on a permanent basis.”

Dave Peterson

“As good as we were (Thursday) night percentage-wise, tonight our foul shooting nearly brought us down. Our guards turned things up in the fourth, and once we hit a couple 3-pointers, we finally started playing Bethel basketball.”

Craig Brehon

“After working with Tierney for nearly three years as our PR partner, we were not surprised by their strong strategic and creative expertise.”

Mike Daly

“I'm as worked up and excited for this game as I can possibly be. But I know I'm not nearly as worked up as the coaching staff. This is a tremendous match, and I think everyone agrees it's the two best teams.”

Darrell Royal

“It's very special to win this title because it's been nearly a year since I won a tournament. It's only the start of the indoor season, and this is a time of year I normally play well, so it's good for me to win here. I really want to be in the Top 10 at the end of the year, so this will obviously be good for my ranking.”

Anastasia Myskina

“We are about 40 percent of what we can be. We are not nearly as good as we can be.”

Mickey Crouch

“That field goal attempt was so far to the left it nearly decapitated Lyndon LaRouche”

Dennis Miller

“We have prepared for this flight performance for nearly two years.”

Ye Wenzhi

“They said I should not have been able to carry Cody past two weeks let alone for nearly seven months. He is my lucky, miracle baby.”

Cody Colvin

“Once an aquifer has been contaminated it's nearly impossible to clean it up. I'm sure this isn't a legacy anyone wants to leave for our children and grandchildren.”

Orva Rothgeb