Nearly Related Quotes

“As fearful as investors were nearly seven weeks ago, they're afraid of missing the bottom, so that's why you see the violent moves to the upside. But we still have to get through October,”

Art Hogan

“I don't want to be saying we nearly won again, because the margin of defeat does not matter,”

David Gray

“It keeps ice from bonding to pavement. It's not nearly as slick.”

Pat Miller

“This fundraiser has been held for nearly a decade and was planned more than a year ago. The notion that the speaker is supporting this bill for any other reason than it is good public policy that will save California consumers $1 billion is absurd.”

Steve Maviglio

“not as nearly as far apart as has been reported.”

Colin Powell

“[Smith was] a passionate newsman who for nearly 40 years was one of the country's most distinguished broadcasters, ... He was outspoken, sometimes controversial and never afraid of taking on the powerful.”

David Westin

“It was a moment, ... a nice one, but it's not nearly enough. I want to go out there for the next reward.”

Al Leiter

“This Nearly Was Mine”

Richard Rodgers

“It might say it has nearly healed, but if it shows that we can't get rid of the injury and that it needs an operation, then it's not worth thinking about the Commonwealth Games.”

Kelly Holmes

“There's upwards of nearly 800 franchises through Australia and New Zealand, and also we're starting to move into Dubai, China and Indonesia as well.”

Chris Smith