Necessary Related Quotes

“Our agencies depend on our raising the funds necessary to provide services to those in need in our community,”

Carolyn Jackson

“We have already taken all steps necessary. Once it has touched European soil, then we have raised all the measures we should take,”

Markos Kyprianou

“Dialogue is a necessary evil.”

Fred Zinnemann

“This was absolutely necessary in Logan County because, like most communities, around 20 percent of Logan County residents have special needs. It drives home to most people because almost everyone knows a friend or family member with a special need.”

Dan Fulscher

“We don't have room to grow anymore so this move is necessary. It's really cool. There are 900 seats in the auditorium at the school. It's a brand-new school.”

Mike Ash

It is necessary to salvation that all Christians be subject to the pope.

Pope Boniface Viii

Whatever is morally necessary must be made politically possible.

Eugene Mccarthy

The meaning of the words is necessary and not their extent.

Sorin Cerin

“People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.”

Sandy Koufax

We don't have meetings unless absolutely necessary.

Caterina Fake