Needed Related Quotes

“In the last five years, we accumulated the stuff that we needed to do this. We knew that the big issue in business would be how to address the use of information to transform businesses.”

Steve Mills

“She opened her home and her Rolodex to us. Anything we needed she could find. It seemed like she was either related to or went to high school with everyone in town.”

Danielle Renfrew

“I consult with Jack a lot - he's still my mentor - and he advised me that I needed to do what was best for me,”

Dan Glickman

“This is good and we needed this to get going again. We sort of hit a lull ? we got the injury and the loss. It's good to get us going again. After Gilboa, we were like, 'If we want to win the league, we have to beat Kortright twice now.' At least we made it interesting, but we still have to go up there and play.”

Christine Baldauf

“We decided that we needed to make a move to improve our offense. We promoted Joe to offensive coordinator because we feel that he will be able to help us turn this around.”

Dom Capers

“We didn't do what we needed to do. We had plenty of chances. One mistake in the back and they beat us.”

Ken Fehr

“She's quick as a cat. She came out and was aggressive and that's exactly what we needed. If she's not out there at the 18 and at the girl's feet, then they score easily.”

Mark Albertus

“We didn't stay on our blocks long enough. We needed to stay low and hold our blocks longer for (Bob) Fitzpatrick and (Erik) Smithman.”

Chris Stanton

“We needed a break, we did, ... The offense, the morale was low. But things went our way and we took the momentum and ran with it.”

Rob Johnson

“I think it's the much-needed positive energy that the airline, overall, needed.”

Carrie Davis