Needed Related Quotes

“If we didn't get a three at that point, we probably needed a quick two.”

Ray Funk

“We made a generous gift to them. They really needed one and we gave it to them.”

Nikolai Khabibulin

“The market needed something quite extraordinary in the form of Hurricane Katrina to produce the unprecedented high prices that we saw in 2005. It's unlikely ... that all those conditions would repeat themselves.”

Michael Ervin

“At this time we're not prepared to devote the kind of resources needed to succeed. Not in the foreseeable future.”

Carl Homer

“Unless it can be credibly established that a mobilizing Federal resource ... is not needed at the catastrophic incident venue, that resource deploys,”

Michael Chertoff

“I just didn't execute pitches the way I needed to and that's inexcusable.”

Matt Clement

“Luke played an awesome game today. Right place at the right time. And (Finley) played very well, too. We needed that early goal. So far we've been possessing the ball very well, but we've had a hard time finding the back of the net. So to score that one was a confidence booster.”

Damon Petras

“It hit me like a ton of bricks that I needed to be there, ... There are fascinating advancements occurring in the biotech and genomics fields. We'll have to learn what's going on or we'll be sitting on the sidelines and be left out of touch.”

Scott Gibson

“We realized that if we wanted to make this a little more steady, we needed to find a singer. And that's when Karan came into the picture, and that's what made it click in our own brains -- OK, maybe this is a real group.”

Seamus Egan

“This is a game that I think we needed. Sometimes if you have a big lead you get away from the fundamentals and you get away from playing team basketball. We didn't.”

Louis Orr