Needed Related Quotes

“We were hovering near the bottom and it was nice to rebound and get some big ones. We needed to get more pucks to the net instead of making that one extra pass. Establish a shot first and that will open things up.”

Ed Jovanovski

“We needed this win. That's a big swing game when you're chasing someone in the playoffs. We made it harder on ourselves.”

Wally Szczerbiak

“This is really what we needed to keep this rally going. The Fed seems to be recognizing that there may come a time to stop raising rates, and that's very good for stocks.”

Scott Wren

“I knew we were down and that we needed some points in a hurry. I saw an opening, so I took a shot. I hadn't been shooting that well all game because I hurt my thumb earlier, but it felt good when I shot them.”

Freeman Perry

“It was really frustrating because we couldn't get stops when we needed to get back in the game. We tied up after the first minute, but we couldn't get the stops to get back in it.”

Cory Lewis

“We needed to address that before we go any further.”

Paul Patton

“She is a natural goal scorer. We needed someone to step it up, and she did.”

Steve Burgess

“We needed to get some defensive stops. If we were patient, we knew our points would come.”

Andi Eichmann

“If a distinct H5N1 virus should suddenly emerge, an additional new vaccine against that strain may be needed.”

National Institute

“We basically, like most teams in this league, do center by committee. We needed another committee member.”

Rick Sund