Needed Related Quotes

“I wouldn't say I needed it desperately. But after struggling the first couple of times you put more pressure on yourself.”

Shawn Chacon

“I never received specific requests for specific things that needed doing.”

Michael Brown

“No question, of all the 3-year-olds I had he needed it the most. He's working unbelievable. He's worked as good as he worked for the Florida Derby.”

Nick Zito

“We have tried every other path and decided something more dramatic and vocal and visible was needed to raise public awareness of what the bill is really about.”

Hillary Lister

“For three quarters we did a great job on him. But he stepped it up when he needed to. He's not a scholarship player for nothing.”

Jake Palluzzi

“He needed to hire some consultants, and because we were unable to pay him any additional funds, he has been on hold. He's getting ready to crank back up again and go full force on that project.”

Mike Davis

“Nick has been struggling lately and he needed that to get out of a slump.”

Jamie Siminski

“We knew the first quarter was going to be important. We needed to get a feel (and) we just didn't adjust well to their athleticism. We got ourselves in a big hole and it's tough to climb out of a hole against a team like (Champaign).”

Jake Krause

“We needed to get some defensive stops. If we were patient, we knew our points would come.”

Andi Eichmann

“We told him we certainly needed an answer by the latter part of this week. We don't want to be left out in the cold if we can't get Beltran. Moises Alou has moved on. Steve Finley has moved on.”

Drayton Mclane