Nelson Related Quotes

“It's hard to say exactly how we'll do this week, however Angela looks really good. She [Nelson] is in her third or fourth week of taper and she has a reasonable shot of making the 10th spot or better to qualify for finals.”

Stan Crump

Given lesser opportunities, Kissinger would have done very well as a talk show host. Fortunately for him, although not so fortunately for the United States, he found his patron in Nelson Rockefeller instead of William Paley.

Lewis H. Lapham

At 82, Nelson (who wrote the song "On the Road Again," among a thousand or more others) is the elder statesman of country music, a steadying and powerful voice in the industry and on environmental issues, and he's still on the road much of the year. The music keeps calling.

Willie Nelson

Bobby Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller are having a row, ostensibly over the plight of New York's mentally retarded, a loose definition of which would include everyone in New York who voted for Bobby Kennedy or Nelson Rockefeller.

William F. Buckley, Jr.

Life had a funny way of kicking you in the gut when you weren't looking.~Torn~ by S. Nelson

S Nelson*

“Erik Nelson [Herzog's producer] understood that I would see something in this, that something about me complements Treadwell, ... He instantly understood that we could collaborate, even though Treadwell had been dead for eight months.”

Werner Herzog

I admire those old road dogs, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan. That's their life.

Robbie Robertson

Willie Nelson is the perfect person, it seems to me, to think about. Because something tells me that he operates on his own frequency.

Paul Rudd

In Durban, where I was born and grew up, and all over Africa, Nelson Mandela was a hero! Now he is a hero to the world.

Kumi Naidoo

I'm inspired by people like Nelson Mandela. Can you imagine - you know how racist America was back then - imagine how racism was in South Africa when he had to stand up and say what he had to say. That's bravery beyond comprehension.