Next Related Quotes

“You think about (the tournament). But it doesn't matter, you have to win the next game.”

Gary Williams

“The committee will formally begin its work from next week and will formulate a detailed master plan on the project in the initial phase.”

Dambar Bahadur Khadka

“S he has a next door neighbor that is also elderly, and this person was alone and she was not able to get around really good, so she felt like she wanted to stay home so at least she could be there for the neighbor.”

Charles Buckley

“As big a jump as he's made this year, we expect him to make a bigger jump next year.”

Leonard Hamilton

“Consumption should increase next year and contribute to growth.”

Christian Jasperneite

“It's a great win going into our game at U-32 next week.”

Eric Bagley

“To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best.”

William Macneile Dixon

“All governments must be prepared to deal with the infectious diseases because they could be overwhelming this year or next year, but the long-term problem is with the chronic diseases.”

Robert Beaglehole

“Lady has much talent, and she'll be expected to produce more next season. She has a bright future.”

Candice Dupree

“The next day, he was out running and playing throughout the clinic.”

Connie Maute