Nine Related Quotes

“Anytime you get to the line (34) times as opposed to being on the line nine times, that?s almost an impossible situation to win in.”

Daquan Gibson

“Going nine deep, we can apply full-court pressure. We feel like we can wear down most teams.”

Mark Short

“That was nine years ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday. We were so close.”

Debbie Webb

“Lake Wales is a tremendous defensive squad. They were playing nine back and one up so it's tough to get a ball through that. It was a good battle. I felt it was going to be a one goal game either way and we were fortunate to get the bounce and put it in. Whoever you play at this stage of the season is going to be good so I expect every game to be close from here on out.”

Art Weaver

“I don't talk about winning nine straight. All I talk to the kids about is trying to get over their bad shots, putting them behind quickly and keeping on an even keel emotionally. We're not as strong mentally as we need to be to play when the rain is coming sideways and it's cold, but we're pretty far along.”

Cal Hubbard

“The first nine holes, I played really well. I don't think I missed a fairway or green. I had some good momentum to build on.”

Dean Wilson

“He pitched another complete game. He walked only two. He gave up 10 hits but he had nine strikeouts.”

Frank Lucero

“We played a tough team tonight. They had nine and nine on each side of the ball coming back and were ready to play. Our kids kept on fighting though.”

Lance Angel

“I want to thank all the pitchers who couldn't go nine innings, and manager Dick Howser who wouldn't let them go.”

Dan Quisenberry

“They [bears] tend to last nine months or longer.”

Hugh Johnson