Nonfiction Related Quotes

For me, a memoir is nonfiction and nonfiction has to be absolutely true.

Akhil Sharma

Nonfiction writers are second-class citizens, the Ellis Island of literature. We just can't quite get in. And yes, it pisses me off.

William Styron

When you're teaching creative nonfiction, it helps to have written about your life in a very open way, because you can say, 'Look, how much are you willing to risk emotionally to write? How careful can you be with the other people you're writing about?

Marya Hornbacher

When I wrote nonfiction, my best work was the really personal stuff.

Ann Patchett

With the historical fictions, I was already doing so much research, and so much of the stories was anchored by historical truth that the move to nonfiction didn't feel all that dramatic - just another half-step to the right.

Debra Dean

I read the same amount of nonfiction and fiction.

Anne Lamott

I'd like to imagine that "dreamoir" becomes a subgenre of nonfiction, maybe ultimately because I'd love to read many more dreamoirs by other writers - poets and memoirists especially.

Wendy C. Ortiz

Every time I get through the work on a book of nonfiction, I say I'll never do it again; it takes so much out of you.

Dave Eggers

The hardest piece of nonfiction I ever wrote isn't anywhere close to the easiest piece of fiction I never wrote.

Ann Patchett

There is always a certain leap of faith that editors have made with their nonfiction writers. If the trust is broken, things can get very embarrassing for the writers and the publisher.

A. Scott Berg