Nonfiction Related Quotes

The funny thing is that in Bosnia there are no words that are equivalent to fiction and nonfiction. From the storytelling point of view, the difference is artificial.

Aleksandar Hemon

I read little nonfiction, but I have no boundaries about the fiction I relish. The only unfailing criterion is that I can hitch my heart to the imagined world and read on.

Scott Turow

Whether it's fiction or nonfiction, writing takes me to another world.

Leonard Mlodinow

I'm all about nonfiction. I rarely read fiction. I like to read about things that really happened, facts, real life situations. That's what inspires me.

Phil Keoghan

The notion that anything can be invented wholly and that these invented things are classified as 'fiction' and that other writing, presumably not made up, is called 'nonfiction' strikes me as a very arbitrary separation of things.

James Salter

The myth of objectivity made nonfiction increasingly unread. In feature articles, we could be playful in the opening and clever in the end but in the middle it was back to the boring basics.

Lee Gutkind

“I asked Kevin, is this narrative or nonfiction? He said 'Yes. This is what interested him and this is totally, like, an experience.”

Mike Plante

Usually I read several books at a time - old books, new books, fiction, nonfiction, verse, anything - and when the bedside heap of a dozen volumes or so has dwindled to two or three, which generally happens by the end of one week, I accumulate another pile.

Vladimir Nabokov

The difference between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction must be absolutely believable.

Mark Twain

I read the same amount of nonfiction and fiction.

Anne Lamott