Nothing Related Quotes

There is nothing you can do about it. Self-education is the most important thing that can happen to you.

Sunday Adelaja

“Nothing could have created such destruction except maybe an atomic bomb.”

Catherine Johnson

“A pate is nothing more than a French meat loaf that's had a couple of cocktails.”

Carol Cutler

“There is nothing better than playing a bad girl for two months, then turning around and playing someone sweet. Films give you this opportunity.”

Amy Weber

Nothing is so aggravating as calmness.

Mahatma Gandhi

“I have never called Dick Parsons a moron. I don't think Dick Parsons is a moron. Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

Carl Icahn

“Probably the earliest flyswatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.”

Jack Handy

“I played a girl. There's really nothing controversial about her. She's just fine. She has to be fine in order to make Sarah Jessica's character pop. I say I just play a white girl in that movie.”

Claire Danes

“Nothing makes a man or body of men as mad as the truth. If there is no truth in it they laugh it off.”

Will Rogers