Notion Related Quotes

“Any notion that we bought this to go elsewhere is silly at this point.”

Dave Checketts

“The notion is not that if you're a monopoly, you compete less vigorously or with more deference to your competitors, ... The interest in antitrust law is for the protection of consumers, not individual competitors.”

Charles Rule

“We went in with the notion of not having him pitch more than five or seven and 80-something pitches or whatever. He went 120 last time out. He's been really banged up.”

Willie Randolph

“We do not go in there with any predetermined notion. We're going in there willing to listen and willing to discuss, absolutely.”

Fraser Engerman

“It was something that really wanted to happen. (Latinos are) really upset about the notion of being felons. It's deeply insulting, and it really got a lot of people into action.”

Scott Washburn

“My notion of a wife at 40 is that a man should be able to change her, like a bank note, for two 20s.”

Warren Beatty

“It's a basic statement that you can make that turkeys gobble year round. Depending on their mood and their notion, they will get with it periodically.”

Randy Showalter

“This notion that we should just eliminate periods altogether is just crazy,”

Susan Love

“The notion is that prevention beats therapy.”

William Schaffner

“In general, we've been pleased to see that the larger notion of competitiveness has been, in a sense, brought into the document in ways that it hadn't been before, ... Just the recognition that Boulder needs to perceive itself as being in a regionally competitive situation is a step forward, from our point of view.”

Dan Powers