November Related Quotes

“An investor who was long the market from November to April, but then adopted a defensive approach by rotating into either the S&P; Consumer Staples or Health Care sectors during May through October, would have found ... that the returns were well worth the effort.”

Sam Stovall

“How cold is this season! Even the lights are cold; they have put shawls of fog around them, see! Winter’s knocking at the door. Now, November's fire burns slowly along the woods, they blend with autumn zephyrs sighing; tone and color, frost and fire. The fire burns and kettle sings.”

Lily Chatterjee

“We're hoping we can get him through to November. We have the international break coming up, and that is two weeks, so there is a window there which would be a possibility. Given his track record, and given the way he plays football, I would imagine he would be out for about three weeks.”

Graeme Souness

“We had 36 calls on the hot line between November and March.”

Rick Ernst

“In November 2000, the Republicans stole from America our most precious right of all: the right to free and fair elections... Now President Bush occupies the White House, but with questionable legitimacy.”

Cynthia Mckinney

“We have been communicating that with them since November. We are sure that most of our people have already made contact with FEMA to make sure that they are on list so that they can take over their own rent agreement.”

Dana Conklin

“On November 7 NGS alerted NISCC to the problem. It was hoped that due to the severity of the problem that Oracle would release a fix or a workaround for this in the January 2006 Critical Patch Update. They failed to do so.”

David Litchfield

“You've got to look at year-to-date numbers. If I just looked at November, I'd slit my wrists.”

Michael Saunders

“They wanted to make it a renewal, but they knew with the outrageous bond they were asking for (in November) it would be treacherous.”

Fred Birchard

“We think that sales might ease a little bit in November, but they should stay within a fairly narrow range through the first quarter.”

Walter Molony