Numerous Related Quotes

“Numerous American lives have been affected by the devastation of hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi,”

Michael Waltrip

“Numerous studies have found that trans fats raise our risk of heart disease. They can also contribute to an increase in total cholesterol levels and a drop in the healthy HDL cholesterol. These man-made fats are much worse for you than any other natural fat, even the saturated fats found in butter and beef.”

Cynthia Payne

“Requesting a change of environment was an extremely difficult decision. After a tremendous amount of reflection and numerous conversations with my family, it made the most sense to seek a change.”

Dany Heatley

“Michael had the best game overall. He had numerous rebounds, steals and assists and he was able to match up with their speed.”

Paul Neville

“Hinging a regulatory policy on the idea that there's going to be numerous competitors in a marketplace with their own facilities ... it's a great vision to have but I think the emperor's wearing no clothes in this case.”

Earl Comstock

“Despite the pouring rain, I'm satisfied with what we accomplished. We had numerous swimmers turn in best times in a very competitive and fast meet.”

Karen O'brien

“We were in good shape when we opened at the Prince, since we had done numerous workshops and done the show in Westport several years before, but having the audience there allowed us to tweak several areas where we had several choices as to how to do things, ... There will certainly be more tweaks and there were a few ideas we never got the chance to implement at the Prince which we can't wait to try. Also, because of budgetary reasons, the Prince essentially utilized half the planned set, so we're excited about doing the show with the full set.”

David Friedman

“Travis Lyon sent numerous balls through the defense. He got at least two assists.”

Dave Molina

“Johnson orchestrated numerous strategic acquisitions to expand the presence of Hormel Foods, most notably The Turkey Store. He refined the company's marketing strategy to significantly advance the sale of value-added products, and established Hormel Foods as a significant player in the ethnic foods marketplace,”

Robert Waller

“We've lost numerous other structures, five vehicles and tens of thousands of acres of land.”

Dan Ware