Objective Related Quotes

An objective without a plan is a dream.

Douglas Mcgregor

There's nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back. If you can't do that, you can't be objective about your work. You can't be conceited or cocky either, but you can't be too modest either.

Jack Reynor

“Whoever we play, their first objective is to stop Isaiah. When they put all their attention on him, that opens opportunities for the rest of us.”

Chris Sprinker

She was born in the Objective case.

Harper Lee

Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.

Barack Obama

The cause of making the world a better place for children unites us all - today HIV/AIDS is the biggest threat to this one universal objective. UNICEF needs us all to help them change the world for children

Liam Neeson

The objective is not to "make your links appear natural"; the objective is that your links are natural.

Matt Cutts

“'Progress never defines its ultimate objective but thrusts its victims at once into an infinite series,' Mr. [John Crowe] Ransom said' 'Industrialism,' he declared, 'is rightfully a menial, of almost miraculous cunning, but no intelligence; it needs to be strongly governed, or it will destroy the economy of the household. Only a community of tough conservative habit can master it.”

Richard Weaver

[John] Adams said his objective in writing his Defence of the Constitutions of the United States and his Davila essays was to counter what he thought was the unfair criticism of the American state constitutions made by the French philosophers, especially [Anne Robert Jacques] Turgot.

Gordon S. Wood

“If I were objective or if you were objective or if anyone was, he would have to be put away somewhere in an institution because he'd be some sort of vegetable.”

David Brinkley