Observe Related Quotes

Who will observe the observers?

Arthur Eddington

I possess a gorgeous world.I created it and painted it like a fiveyears old, where the sky is wovenwith golden threads and the sun ispearl white.But alas! You can't observe it as theyare positioned inside my mind myimaginations...

Rohan Nath

I've learned a lot about what kind of actor I want or do not want to be while being on set. I sit back and observe how other actors treat the totem pole of set politics.

Gina Rodriguez

People who observe no limits in attempting to get work done aren't nearly as smart as they think. Hard work can be done by any fool. But to be highly productive, and still have plenty of time to rest and play, this is where true genius resides.

Ernie J Zelinski

Revolutionaries who come to power by force of arms usually have great crimes in their background. Leaders who survive campaigns by great powers to destroy them do not survive because they observe the niceties of law. Subversives who shape world events by covert action and violence work in shadows and detest the light of day.

Stephen Kinzer

To find out what happens to a system when you interfere with it you have to interfere with it (not just passively observe it).

George E. P. Box

The premises being thus settled, I proceed to observe that the concatenation of self-existence, proceeding in a reciprocal duplicate ratio, naturally produces a problematical dialogism, which in some measure proves that the essence of spirituality may be referred to the second predicable.

Oliver Goldsmith

If we observe the performance of only those funds that remain active, we will tend to find that the average performance of the surviving funds exceeds that of the market.

Robert Haugen

We must be pure. I do not speak merely of the purity of the senses. We must observe great purity in our will, in our intentions, in all our actions.

Peter Julian Eymard

A man receives only what he is ready to receive... The phenomenon or fact that cannot in any wise be linked with the rest of what he has observed, he does not observe.

Henry David Thoreau