Obsessed Related Quotes

Those obsessed with health are not healthy; the first requisite of good health is a certain calculated carelessness about oneself.

Sydney J. Harris

I think today that's a very big problem because of the world we live in and the social media and everything... everybody is obsessed with their own identity, but seen through other people.

Salma Hayek

What are you afraid of then? Not Being able to see, I think not seeing because your obsessed by something that blots out the world.

Eva Ibbotson

We're all obsessed with our smartphones and thus really don't see anything around us.

Martin Lindstrom

People are just obsessed with other people's lives. I don't know whether it's kind of a way to escape their own, or something to follow I really couldn't tell you.

Lauren Conrad

I'm in the early stages of a film called 'Freezing Time' about Eadweard Muybridge, the Victorian photographer who was really the forefather of cinema. Digital animators still treat his images like the Bible. He was a very obsessed man.

Andy Serkis

Its almost scary how amateur I am when it comes to musicals - Im a musical goer, but I am not as obsessed with musicals as perhaps some of my theatrical friends are.

David Levithan

Not that I want the current president killed. I will, for the record and for the FBI agent assigned to read this and make sure I mean no harm, clearly state that while I am obsessed with death, I am against it.

Sarah Vowell

One of the reasons I got into musical theater was Anthony Warlow. I was obsessed with the 'Jekyll and Hyde' concept album because of him.

Rob Mcclure

I love Mary Poppins - when I was little I was obsessed with it.

Willa Holland