Obsolete Related Quotes

Most deadly errors arise from obsolete assumptions.

Frank Herbert

An ounce of logic can be worth more than a ton of tradition that has become obsolete through the weathering of time.

Ed Parker

It's ridiculous to live 100 years and only be able to remember 30 million bytes. You know, less than a compact disc. The human condition is really becoming more obsolete every minute.

Marvin Minsky

In spite of advances in technology and changes in the economy, state government still operates on an obsolete 1970s model. We have a typewriter government in an Internet age.

Matt Blunt

Cosmetic surgery and the ideology of self-improvement may have made women's hope for legal recourse to justice obsolete.

Naomi Wolf

If it works, it's obsolete.

Marshall Mcluhan

Any man without a woman is incomplete, and vice-versa she's obsolete.

Kool Moe Dee

The fastest thing computers do is go obsolete.

Andy Rooney

Adults are obsolete children.

Dr. Seuss

Someone, somewhere, is making a product that will make your product obsolete.

Georges Doriot